Working Tracks.

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Haven’t forgotten what I set out to do. I have a lot of life happening right now. Great things happening, music has taken a back seat… But I have continued to rework lyrics here and there; as well as writing a few new ones. So, as much as it seems like I have stalled out, I have actually quietly been plotting to take over the world… And still planning a new album. I hope I can get an EP out in 2012, but if it takes longer to get out the RIGHT EP, then so-be-it.

I will keep you updated whenever I have some news, so please follow the blog to receive an email when I update, I promise its not enough to annoy you.

Thanks for always keeping up with me.


Polls are fun.

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Settling into Seattle, so far things are great. Musically speaking Seattle has it all.

The one thing missing has been me. I haven’t recorded, practiced or done anything remotely musical since I arrived.  Aside from say… purchasing Rocksmith for my X-Box 360 and looking forward to playing with my wife and watching her become a guitar goddess. I also set up a piano in the loft overlooking the streets which has the hues of Autumn in this late stage of October.  I plan to learn to play it at some point.

Everything has been a nice excuse for me since I have been here to NOT play music… But that mentality is important to the creative process, just like picking up the guitar everyday. I have so much music to produce yet, I just need to refocus on the process. The songs currently are ready, I also feel a few new ones welling up.

Thanks for sticking with me through this last month life was a wonderful kind of crazy. 

Music soon. Blogging now.


Living in Seattle, WA

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

My wife and I just moved to Seattle, Washington. I am looking forward to continuing to record for the album and also finding a few places to play out and test some of the new material. More info to come soon.


Just a bit of shameless self promotion tonight. My song “The Moon Room” is currently #3 on the Male Singer/Songwriter chart on

Stop by and judge some great music and even help me end up at #1 for the month of August on the Male Singer/Songwriter Channel.

A side note. I lost my hard drive on my Mac last week. Good news the tracks on the new album were saved on my external drive… SOOOOO aside from the huge pain in the ass of replacing the HD, I’ll be back on track soon.

More to come.

Crescendo (new song)

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Worked on a new song today. Used the new microphone as well. It is a simple song called “Crescendo”. Its a song for my wedding. It is about life and living for now, while awaiting the future… And the end. It is just scratch work right now. The timing is off and for some reason I only have vocals coming from the left speaker but it is a start.

More to come.


Sold a cell-phone. Bought a microphone… Not a bad deal!! This microphone is going to be great.  Thanks for Warren at Best Buy for suggesting it to me… I was going to get a different one. Good choice!

Check out more info on the BLUE REACTOR at

This should help me get the sound I want out of, not only, my musical instruments but also my vocals!

Looking forward to more of the recording process with this bad boy!